Why Another Transport System?

The problems of transport are often discussed in different types of publications. All of them set out, how many autos they replace, how little space they use and what they cost.

But why do these transport systems never leave the test phase? 

What they lack is flexibility! None of these systems can match the motor vehicle/road, and almost all are principally intended for the transportation of passengers.

What are the Capabilities of this Transport System?

The system, which I would like to present, is still more flexible than the system motor vehicle/road! The same way you deliver water, electricity or, since there is the internet, data via mains, you can deliver goods. This transport system automates the whole transport of goods and in-plant logistics, and you can also transport persons thereby.
And all this three-dimensional in the space!

The crucial point is that this system is applicable to send a tiny sample of a patient directly to a analyzer in the next room of a hospital, or to transport a container into a ship, which drives around the half world. You can do it with this one rail-bound transport system!

It is the mechanical counterpart to the Internet!

How it Works

Vehicles of different sizes use one and the same mounting rail in form of a box slitted at the bottom, either elevated or suspended. Within this enclosed rail there can be from one to many different tracks. This tracks, small transport platforms, their load and the chassis of larger vehicles are protected inside this mounting rail. The small vehicles can drive past on different tracks within the same mounting rail.

Larger loads ride as cars on chassis which are also within the mounting rails. Very large loads are hung to several chassis in different mounting rails next to one another. Naturally not every track shown here has to be installed. If a route will be driven on only by small vehicles and small loads, or only a small traffic volume is expected, mounting rails with smaller cross section and fewer tracks are sufficient.

Loads can be dropped in the form of cars everywhere under the rails. That means by the way, no special stops are needed for the transportation of passengers, one can step in or out simply at any spot of the route. Naturally you can open the doors only on the ground or at stops. When these rails are laterally traveling, like a overhead- or a gantry crane, the object being transported can reach any point three-dimensional in space! Small vehicles driving inside the mounting rails, can drive over ramps into the mounting rails or leave them again.

Tired of reading? Here is a little movie!

Similar to datagrams in the Internet, the vehicles themselves know where they have to go. They know their track width, their dimensions and their weight with and without load. They try to reach their destination in the given time and cost framework, by mapping their routes independently and soliciting bids of different providers for sections, truck shuttles, ferries or flights via the Internet or in the rail system shifted data lines and book as soon as possible, to save costs. If the time or cost framework for any reasons cannot be kept, the vehicle reports that automatically. Travels in local, closed networks can be naturally executed according to quite different criteria also centrally controlled.

The Future

Nowadays goods are ordered by the pallet or by container. In the future it will be profitable to send these individually from the manufacturer to consumer. The transport of goods "liquefies" itself, goods begin to flow in real time. They can arrive in the specific desired quantity just in time, or be transported to traffic and thus low-priced times. Different goods with partial common routes can be reloaded at transshipment stations on larger or faster vehicles.

Whole production lines can be supplied with small or large components. The finished product drives for example to an other production line, into a truck or direct to its final destination. Expensive machines or special robots, their acquisition would be unprofitable, can be rented at the right time to be used at the correct place. For example harvest robots today in this fully automatic market garden, tomorrow in another, or repair robots exchange wearing parts. Fully automatic or remote controled fire extinguishing devices wait for their application in tunnels or storage halls. In the case of fire they use the available rails, other vehicles are automatically rerouted. Window blinds, stage lights and cameras can be shifted and changed automatically on stages for theaters and shows. If a spotlight goes bust, it drives independently to the repair, another takes its place. This transport system can be installed in ships, containers, airplanes, delivery vans and trucks to load and unload them automatically or to bridge larger distances between two networks.

Whole houses and factories are built and equipped fully automatic.It is conceivable to build and operate research stations and mines on the Moon and Mars without any astronaut. Also on space stations in weightlessness whole modules can be fastened or shifted to this rail system, manipulators inside as outside can drive to the best place. The missing gravity is replaced simply by little wheels.

But let's remain on earth. You will no longer need to go shopping, the purchase comes home! Those who want to remain mobile nevertheless, need no driving license or auto, but order simply a taxicab or its private car on this transport system. Thus also old or disabled persons drive accurately to the place within a building, that they want. The surfaces between buildings are released from the autos standing at the roadside or in a traffic jam. On the back-built and leafy former traffic surfaces and parking lots carries children and cyclists during the rush hours.

And finally there are lots of so far unknown services, and as in the telecommunications networks, provider and tariffs as well as persons, making money out of that!

How to Earn Money with this idea

The first steps are done. For all further one we need partners. There are this homepage, a German patent, an international patent application, many additional ideas and the certainty that the possibilities of this transport system are unlimited. Look around. Nearly everything you see was transported. I am sure even the ground under your feet! Transport is life. Life is transport. Imagine you have the monopoly.

Are you or your enterprise interested in patenting this invention world-wide, to develop or build it? You need a traffic system in your city, which can do more than to drive from one stop to the next? You see the possibilities in your branch or you want to become a Provider? You are an engineer, a patent developer or business fishing rod?

Then please mail to Info[at]Thuma[dot]com.


Compare our transport system with others.

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For many feed functions however even the smallest track width of the mounting rails shown up to now would be too large. Therefore still smaller mounting rails are available, whereby their largest track widths match the smallest in the next larger mounting rail. When you repeat this relationship only a few times, you reach dimensions which meet the requirements of the future nano-industry.

The vehicles are to be propelled quite conventionally with electric motors. But the rails can be completed with linear motors and magnetic levitation, whereby conventional vehicles can serve as saving, and so they can use light railways without magnetic levitation too.

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